When it comes to bloggers, especially in fashion and lifestyle, more often than not, it’s the women that first come to mind and take the spotlight. However, the men should definitely not be neglected. It should come as no surprise that there are, in fact, a number of trailblazing menswear fashion bloggers with large followings. Menswear fashion bloggers are just as fashion forward. When it comes to their posts and photos, they share content that is just as visually creative, inspiring and interesting as their female counterparts.

Some may think that there’s not much to men’s fashion, with images of plain suits, jeans, shirts and sneakers as the only things that come to mind. Obviously, that’s completely off the mark. Menswear can be very stylish with various elements to mix and match and layer on, trendy items to make a fashion statement with, and accessories to compliment every look. There are certainly many menswear bloggers worth following for their eye-catching personal style and inspiring aesthetic. We’re narrowing down just a few of our top picks for you to check out yourself.

Dominic Grizzelle, otherwise known as @Griztriz, is a celebrity fashion stylist and content creator. Visit his website and you’ll find his work, which includes styling the Jonas Brothers for the 2019 Billboard Music Awards and his collaboration with Teen Vogue, among others. His website also includes a personal style blog, lifestyle features and a shop section where you can purchase his own merch. With his celebrity styling expertise, you can expect his own personal style to be just as magazine ready.



Jordan Bethnja’s @jordantupak2 Instagram is a well curated account with less than five hundred photos shared to his close to one hundred thousand followers. The blogger started the account in 2017 to share his one of a kind personal style, which he has described as “a puzzle”. Jordan has a penchant for playing with clothes to make them look different and to create a style that’s uniquely his own.



Valdo Lima is the man behind the Instagram account @lima_authentic. The Portugal-born menswear and lifestyle blogger is now primarily based in Hamburg, Germany, which is a fitting urban backdrop for his cool and uncomplicated streetstyle. Valdo’s #OOTDs look relaxed yet edgy, put together yet completely effortless – the ideal combination of fashionable without looking like you tried too hard.



We couldn’t help but include DJ, presenter and music producer Manny Norte. While he’s not actually a blogger, he’s certainly an influencer in the music scene, and arguably also one in urban fashion. He’s considered as one of the UK’s most respected, trusted and enduring figures in urban, hip hop and R&B music. His followers, as well as his listeners, on his multiple social media accounts and of course on his own shows, can expect not only good music, but also good fashion. His Instagram account presents a behind the scenes look at the music industry, where his music cred is complimented by his streetstyle cred, and is all so urban cool. 



Danilo Bracaglia is a fashion influencer based in Italy. He shares his versatile and fashion forward sense of style to his over seventy thousand followers on Instagram. Take inspiration from his fashion choices, which range from classic and refined in blazers, trousers and leather shoes, to a more bohemian vibe in a fedora, floral printed shirt and denims, and to urban cool in a faux fur bomber or coat, distressed jeans and trendy sunglasses.






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