Is it still considered a trend when it’s practically a wardrobe staple? The urban, street style look has been a major fashion aesthetic over the last few years. There are no signs of it slowing down or becoming any less relevant. In fact, more and more people are embracing the trend and taking a more laidback approach with their wardrobe.


While it may not necessarily be the most appropriate style for the most professional kinds of settings, the last few years have also seen workwear take a more casual approach. Having said that, the urban look is easily acceptable in most everyday situations. It really all just depends on how you put the look together. The great news is that it’s really not all that difficult to nail the perfect urban look. All you actually need are a few key pieces, combined with wardrobe basics that you likely already have in your closet. Here are a few tips for you to perfect your own urban look.


The Statement Jacket

A statement jacket is all you need to dress up any simple outfit. A bomber jacket in a striking color, pattern or fabric is particularly versatile, and can take you from day to night. Take a cue from Joe Jonas who just wore plain blue jeans, a plain black crew neck shirt and black sneakers. His simple look was easily elevated with his striking forest green velour bomber jacket. Liam Hemsworth took a similar approach with dark colored jeans and a black t-shirt but completed his look with light colored sneakers and a maroon bomber jacket instead.




Wearing a patterned shirt, jacket, coat or accessory is another easy way to nail the stylish urban aesthetic. For a more refined casual look, follow the lead of David Beckham who simply wore a plain white t-shirt, blue jeans, a brown belt and white sneakers. What made all the difference was his plaid coat and a pair of aviators hanging from the pocket. Another thing to note is that while his look may be from a few years ago, it’s still entirely relevant and stylish for today.


You can also go for a more relaxed and layered vibe, which is perfect for when the weather is colder or just plain unpredictable. All you need is a simple white or black undershirt, a plain black hoodie, black trousers and white or black sneakers. You can then wear a plaid coat or even go print on print with layered plaid garments, which will add more depth and personality to your urban look.


The Oversized Hoodie

Get all snug and comfy in an oversized hoodie. Even better, choose a faux fur or velour hoodie to add more style to any simple urban outfit, just as Drake. You can truly wear any top of your liking underneath the hoodie and pair it with simple trousers or even joggers, along with plain sneakers or in this case, casual lace up boots. Put on your oversized hoodie and you’re good to go.



The real key to perfecting the urban look is looking like you put no effort at all and are just comfortable in what you’re wearing.


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