Tokyo Men’s Streetwear

While high fashion usually comes from the runways around Europe, when it comes to one of a kind streetwear style, the Japanese can show everyone more than a thing or two. Japanese women and Harajuku fashion have been known all over the world for their incredibly unique, bold and unapologetic sense of style. However, the wide range of distinct styles are not exclusively for women. Japanese men are equally stylish. For those in the know, the Japanese fashion scene has been the origin of many style must haves for many years.

When it comes to Japanese men’s fashion, the famed international designers that automatically come to mind are pioneers including Rei Kawakubo, Issey Miyake, Junya Watanabe and Yohji Yamamoto. While they’re as popular as ever across the globe, there’s also a whole new generation of talented Japanese designers and brands that are taking Japanese fashion even further. The current set of Japanese fashion stars include long time leaders, as well as up and coming names: Sacai, Human Made, Undercover, A Bathing Ape, Christian Dada, Visvim by Hiroki Nakamura and Hiroshi Fujiwara’s Fragment, just to name a few. Their designs are not only coveted in Japan. The designers have both established, as well as rapidly growing followings all over different parts of the world.




The complexity and creativity within the Japanese fashion scene can be largely credited to the existing subcultures. There are many subcultures that the Japanese take inspiration from and even adhere to. When it comes to men’s fashion, some of the most popular include:

Kireime-kei style that is conservative and minimalist, often focusing on just a single tone.

Mode-kei that refers to the high fashion of Japanese style. Think big labels with even bigger price points.

Visual-kei on the other hand, is based on music as a subculture, largely influenced by rock and roll, punk and goth aesthetics.

Street kei is, of course, a major subculture and is pretty much the Japanese hypebeast. Consider it as street style on steroids featuring the latest trends and all the must have urban brands.

With all the existing subcultures, the Japanese are exceedingly fashion forward and quickly adapt to trends. Much of today’s streetwear style and the mechanisms behind it, including exclusive collaborations and capsule collections, can be credited to the Japanese fashion industry.

What’s great about Japanese fashion is the boundary pushing creativity combined with the technical expertise and masterful production. Fashion innovation isn’t just on a sketch. Avant-garde designs, ostentatious outfits, unapologetic streetwear and even understated design excellence come to life through world class fashion manufacturing. It then comes as no surprise that the influence of Japanese fashion goes well beyond the country’s shores and goes into the most stylish closets and wardrobes all over the world.



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